Dinner 365 Photographing my dinner everyday for 365 days straight!


That's me in Utah

Dinner has always been the most important meal of my day. After a busy day, I often like to wind down by relaxing in my kitchen cooking a delicious dinner. I always make sure to eat at the dining table and enjoy the food with the company of my husband.

A couple weeks ago my husband and I were having some conversation over dinner and some how we stumbled upon the topic of recalling what we ate for dinner in the past few days. After a few hmms…and uhhs…we managed to recall for up to 3 days and then called it off, as it was quite hard for us to remember. Can you recall what you ate for dinner every day for a full week? Think about it, you’ll be amazed how we tend to forget things so fast.

So, I made an interesting resolution for 2011 – “to photograph my dinner every day for 365 days straight“. Then our conversation drifted off to picking a domain name to register. My husband said: “Dinner 365 dot com?” and I said: “hmm…good…and its very easy to remember!” Like every easy name was already taken, we thought this one would be taken too. Anyhow, we decided to look it up and we were amazed that it was still available. Without any further thoughts, we registered the domain name dinner365.com right away for 5 years. You never know if I enjoy it enough I might do it past the first year. Also my goal in 2011 is to eat healthy by cooking most of my dinners at home rather than dining out.

On this website I will only upload the picture of my dinner with a caption. Recipes for the dishes will be posted on my Cooking with Thas website. Join me and enjoy this Dinner 365 roller coaster ride.


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