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Day 151 – Veggie Corn Pasta

Day 151 - Veggie Corn Pasta

Looks like summer is at its peak, having really hot days. Being a winter person, I cannot handle the heat. If I turn off the air conditioning for a few minutes, I get dizzy and I start freaking out. Hopefully I’ll feel better in a few days as my body get used to the sun and the heat. Late this evening, I baked a “chocolate almond upside-down cake” to surprise my friend on her birthday tomorrow, I can’t wait for the dawn to break. Since I was busy with baking, I made a quick veggie pasta for dinner.

Day 150 – Chicken Stir Fry on Lettuce

Day 150 - Chicken Stir Fry on Lettuce

82 F! A warm welcome to Summer. It was unbelievably hot today. For dinner, I made chicken stir fry after shallow frying the battered chicken in the oil and stir fried along with veggies, served the stir fry on lettuce.

Day 149 – Khow Suey

Day 149 - Khow Suey

Khow Suey is a Burmese dish. Burmese cuisine has been influenced by Thai, Indian and Chinese cuisines. The recipe for making this dish called for both Thai and Indian ingredients. My husband and I loved this dish which was rich, creamy and mildly spicy. This dish looked more like a thick soup when served over noodles made it a complete meal. I am planning to try other popular Burmese dishes soon.


Khow Suey Recipe

Day 148 – Hot dog and Mixed beans Masala

Day 148 - Hot dog and Mixed beans Masala

It was a great experience being a part of Egyptian revolution celebration today. I also got to taste some of their authentic sweets like basbousa, baklava, butter balls, Sawabe Zeinab etc, they were all delicious; I am planning to make basbousa and baklava sometime soon. For dinner, I made hot dog and mixed beans masala served with basmati rice.


Hot dog and Mixed Beans Masala Recipe

Day 147 – Grilled Steak

Day 147 - Grilled Steak

It wasn’t a perfect day to grill. Do we really need a perfect day to grill??? For us, any day grilling is just fun. We had to put on our fleece and shoes to grill outside though as it was chilly and windy. We grilled steak and veggies: eggplant and banana peppers. The steak came out perfectly grilled and for the first time I ate without making any complaints like not done well, it’s not tender etc etc. Also, I love grilled banana peppers which gives the heat to the dish.


  • Used store bought barbecue sauce for marinating the steak and grilled it.
  • Sprinkle ground pepper and salt over egg plant and banana pepper, grill it.

Day 146 – Green Pepper Meat Loaf

Day 146 - Green Pepper Meat Loaf

Had a lovely day!!! My husband made his favorite meat loaf for dinner. It’s been a while since we had meat loaf and he was craving for it. He has become an expert in making meat loaf and this one tasted really good with the added green pepper along with the ground pepper, which forced me to eat more than I usually do.


The recipe is same as of Meat Loaf, also added green pepper to the ground beef.

For making Sauce:

  • Ketchup- 1 cup
  • Brown sugar- 1/2 cup
  • Salt- to taste
  • Combine all these and heat in a saucepan.
  • Bake the beef loaf for 1o minutes, then coat the beef loaf with the sauce and bake till it’s done.
  • You could also top with sauce while serving.

Day 145 – Veggie Korma and Crepes

Day 145 - Veggie Korma and Crepes

Yet another rainy day. I made veggie korma and crepes for dinner. Yawn!!!


Veggie Korma Recipe

Wheat Crepes Recipe

Day 144 – Squid Chow Mein

Day 144 - Squid Chow Mein

Do we have a stronger competitor than TIME??? I don’t think so yet we compete against each other. After an early squid chow mein dinner, my mind wandered through such thoughts.

Squid Chow Mein Recipe : Add squid instead of shrimp.


Day 143 – Chicken Roast

Day 143 - Chicken Roast

Long weekend is coming to an end. Well, now when I think as always it was just a short weekend for me. Anyway, it was quite relaxing and wonderful. It rained heavily in the evening and I had a sudden craving for something sweet. To satisfy my craving I made Jalebi, a popular Indian sweet. It came our pretty good. For dinner, I made chicken roast and had it with corn pasta.

Day 142 – Nachos

Day 142 - Nachos

What a beautiful SUN-day we had!!! We were sitting outside in our backyard all day long, for lunch we grilled chicken and veggies. When it was time for dinner, I whipped up nachos, I used red kidney beans, salsa, some gilled chicken and lots of cheese. Having a long weekend, so enjoying this Sunday night.


Day 141 – Kerala Style Dinner

Day 141 - Kerala Style Dinner

First of all, let me thanks Mother Nature for giving us a beautiful sunny Saturday. I had a highly productive day building my veggie garden and beautifying my backyard. My man helped me with all the hard chores. We felt content after all the hard work. Today, I made a typical Kerala style lunch: Fish in roasted coconut gravy, fish fry, Tapioca thoran and Rice. We had this even for dinner.


Fish in Roasted Coconut Gravy Recipe

Tapioca in ground coconut Recipe

Fish Fry Recipe:


  • Sardine fish- 6 no’s
  • Chilly powder- 1 1/2 tsp
  • Turmeric powder- 1/4 tsp
  • Ginger-garlic paste- 2 tsp
  • Ground pepper- 1/4 tsp
  • Salt- to taste
  1. Clean the fish and put gashes on it.
  2. Marinate the fish with chilly powder, turmeric powder, ginger-garlic paste, ground pepper and salt.
  3. Fy in oil till golden brown.

Day 140 – Dining Out @ Country style restaurant

Day 140- Dining Out

Gearing up for long weekend! For dinner we dined at a local restaurant, it was very homely and the food was delicious. We had Tomato soup, Chicken soup, Chicken stir fry and Steak.

Day 139 – Creamy Mushroom Pasta

Day 139 - Creamy Mushroom Pasta

The best pasta I have had in a while. It was creamy, had mushrooms and banana peppers and was aromatic.

Creamy Mushroom Pasta Recipe

Day 138 – Rice-Lentil Veggie Soup

Day 138 - Rice-Lentil Veggie Soup

Dear Sun, I would really appreciate if you could stop hiding among the dark clouds and give us some sunshine and warmth. This is what I have been praying all day long. It’s been 5 days since we have seen sunshine, hmm. And I fell very sick today, I geared down and slept all day long. For dinner, I couldn’t think of anything but soup so made a hearty thick soup with rice, lentils and all kinds of veggies that was in my refrigerator. After sipping this warm soup I am feeling much better.


  • Cook rice- 1/2 cup, red lentil-1/2 cup and carrots chopped small- 3 no’s together with water.
  • After it has cooked add Haleem Masala- 3 tbsp or depending upon how spicy you want.
  • Mix everything well and cook for a few more minutes.
  • Serve hot.

Day 137 – Tindora or Ivy Gourd and Chicken Stir Fry

Day 137 - Tindora Chicken Stir Fry

Even though I was feeling not well today, I had a great day as I did a lot of plant shopping from the plant sale that was going on in my campus. I got super excited seeing all the vegetables, fruits and other flowering plants. I bought almost all kind of veggies and a few flowering plants. I am gearing up for gardening and can’t wait to see my plants blooming and bearing fruits/veggies. For dinner, I made a quick chicken stir fry along with tindora or Ivy Gourd, tindora is a vegetable common in India. Just now learned that Ivy gourd is also called Gentleman’s toes, huh that’s funny!


Day 136 – Chicken Dhansak

Day 136 - Chicken Dhansak

Dhansak is a popular Parsi dish which is made with chicken or lamb. I made with chicken, it’s a rich dish made with lentils, eggplant, potatoes, chicken and a lot of spices to make it aromatic and flavorful. It could be served as a thick soup or along with rice. It was absolutely delicious and filling.

Day 135 – Mussel Biryani

Day 135 - Mussel Biryani

Don’t ask me how my weekend was. The laziest weekend ever, blaming on the rainy weather. Just wondering, why does it have to rain most of the time during spring??? Hmm, the good thing was I just lazed at home watching TV, browsing etc. I guess unproductive weekends should be welcomed once in a while. I made mussel biryani for lunch and had that for dinner as well.


Mussel Biryani Recipe

Day 134 – Chick Pea Chicken Salad

Day 134 - Chick Pea Chicken Salad

A lazy day! Sun was hiding among the clouds all day long. I felt super lazy to get into my kitchen, when it was time for dinner I made a quick chicken dish and served it with lettuce and chick pea. Hopefully tomorrow will be a productive day.

Day 133 – Pasta Scrambled Eggs

Day 133 - Pasta Scrambled Eggs

How to make the best scrambled eggs? My answer would be make the worst omelette and you get the perfect scrambled eggs. I am an expert when it comes to making the best scrambled eggs. For dinner, I turned “Pasta Omelette”  into “Pasta scrambled eggs”. My hubby got confused seeing the pasta scrambled eggs and he was curious enough: were you trying to make omelette? Me: Nope, pasta scrambled eggs right from the start :P Him: Whatever and gobbled up. In my mind: Whoever came up with the name scrambled eggs is a genius! Have a great weekend everyone!

Day 132 – Chapati and King Fish Moli

Day 132 - Chapati and King Fish Moli

It’s been a long time since I made homemade chapati, I get lazy when it comes to making chapati’s from scratch as it involves kneading the dough, rolling the dough and then cooking it. Anyway, this evening I overcame my laziness and made chapati for dinner. To go with it I made Kerala style king fish moli ie, fish in coconut milk.

Day 131 – Fennel Yogurt Chicken

Day 131 - Fennel Yogurt Chicken

It was totally my day today! I took the day off from work, slept the whole day, woke up at 3 pm, had a late lunch and a cup of strong coffee to activate me. In the evening went biking to riverside walk for 2 hours, came home and made my dinner. I made fennel yogurt chicken, gluten free crepes and grilled corn. Going to be glued to my couch watching star wars.

Day 130 – Sweet and Sour Chicken

Day 130 - Sweet and Sour Chicken

Lazy evening for dinner made sweet and sour chicken using a store bought sauce.

Day 129 – Broccoli Shrimp Stir Fry

Day 129 - Broccoli Shrimp Stir Fry

Yet another beautiful day. I am so in love with the mildly warm and sunny weather, everything looks fresh and inviting. Beautiful flowers, happy birds and pleasant people, this is what spring has to offer. For dinner, I made broccoli shrimp fry using fresh shrimp.

Day 128 – Crab Tom Yum Soup

Day 128 - Crab Tom Yum Soup

Wrapping up the beautiful weekend with Tom Yum soup and my favorite part is it has crab in it…Happy Mother’s day! Hope all the mom’s out there had a wonderful Mother’s day and a great weekend as well. It was in deed a beautiful weekend for me, weather cooperated so well giving us enough sunshine and warmth. My husband and I did some outdoor activities like motorcycle riding and biking. Now, looking forward to a great week, hopefully it won’t rain much this week.

Crab Tom Yum Soup Recipe

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