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Day 59 – Mesquite Chicken and Parmesan Roasted Asparagus

Day 59 - Mesquite Chicken and Parmesan Roasted Asparagus

I am so glad that this day got over as I had to deal with a foggy brain for the whole day. Believe me, it was worse than Monday blues. I had a couple of goals in my mind before I started cooking my dinner: not to spend much time in the kitchen and to make a healthy dinner. Well, I did succeed in that. I baked chicken breasts after marinating it with Mesquite sauce and topped with Caramelized Onions, for the side I made Parmesan Roasted Asparagus.

Day 58 – Vietnamese Dinner @ Ben Thanh

Day 58 - Vietnamese Dinner

We went out for lunch with our friends and had Vietnamese food. I haven’t tried much Vietnamese food all these years and I am so glad that finally I had a chance to try it. I loved the spicy and intense flavor each and every dish had. We ordered a lot of food, we ate and ate till we were about to explode. Obviously, we couldn’t finish everything and had to take the rest in a doggie bag. My husband and I had it for dinner.

Day 57 – Steak Dinner

Day 57 - Steak Dinner

When guys took over the kitchen, they made a real dinner with Steak, Mashed potatoes, Chicken Gravy, Beans and Caramelized onions.

Day 56 – Chicken Biryani

Day 56 - Chicken Biryani

We are having a ball with our friends. For tonight’s dinner I made their favorite Chicken Biryani.

Day 55 – Dinner with our Best Friends

Day 55 - Dinner with our Best Friends

Our best friends visited us and we are having a blast. This was our dinner: Chicken stuffed Roti Jala, Chilli Chicken, Dragon Chicken, Fried Rice and I made a Butterscotch Pecan Cake for my friends birthday.

Day 54 – Taco Chicken

Day 54 - Taco Chicken

I was way too busy in my kitchen making “Butterscotch Pecan cake” for my best friend who is visiting us tomorrow. For dinner, I stir fried chicken and veggies and seasoned them with Taco sauce.

Day 53 – Pineapple Chicken

Day 53 - Pineapple Chicken

I am so glad that even after having a long day and after spending more than 3 hours shopping in the grocery store, I was able to fix my  dinner. I was really tempted to carry out my dinner on my way back home. This pineapple chicken was way better than any restaurant food.

Day 52 – Vegetable Biryani

Day 52 - Vegetable Biryani

Where did the long weekend go??? These days I truly wish if I could stop time, sigh! I had a very very lazy long weekend that I didn’t even feel like going out and also didn’t do any grocery shopping. Obviously, with no shopping my refrigerator and freezer was empty. I could only find a few vegetables in my refrigerator and so made vegetable biryani.

Day 51 – Pathiri with Potato Curry

Day 51 - Pathiri with Potato Curry

Pathiri, pancake made of rice flour is very popular in my family. It’s usually served with Chicken or Mutton (Goat) curry. Tonight I was out of meat and so served this with Potato curry. I will soon post the recipe for Pathiri.

Day 50 – Mandarin Chicken

Day 50 - Mandarin Chicken

Mandarin is my favorite among the citrus family. Tonight I made a dish with chicken and mandarin, this recipe was adapted from My Recipes.com. I did make a few changes to enhance the flavor of this dish, by adding ginger, garlic and dry red chilly etc.

Day 49 – Chicken Tapioca (Cassava) or Chicken Kappa

Day 49 - Chicken Tapioca (Cassava) or Chicken Kappa

Yay for long weekend! I had a very light lunch today and so by evening I was so hungry and felt like passing out. To regain my energy I had to grab a couple of slices of Pizza from the cafeteria. After reaching home, I started to munch on Cashew nuts. When it was time to decide on the dinner, I opened the refrigerator, grabbed the Tapioca or Yuca root and Chicken from the freezer. I was too lazy to make more than one dish, hence combined them both. Had a terrific dinner!

Day 48 – Yogurt Drumstick and Sesame Kale

Yogurt Drumstick and Sesame Kale

I was drained of energy and couldn’t spend much time in my kitchen, so made a quick fix healthy dinner. Cooked Yogurt Drumstick and Sesame Kale and had them with Pita bread.

Day 47 -Adukku Pathiri or Chicken Pie

Day 47 - Chicken Pie or Chicken AdukkuPathiri

Today’s weather was the talk of the day, it was pretty great and felt like spring is around the corner, I am so looking forward to spring. Now, let me say a few things about this Adukku pathiri ( Chicken Layered Pathiri), this is one of the most popular dishes in Malabar cuisine. Malabar cuisine is very famous for its enchanting array of seafood and meat delicacies. For me, this cuisine is the best in South India which offers a rich and exotic taste, for which I can be a slave forever.

Day 46 – Curd Rice with Homemade Mango Pickle

Day 46 - Curd Rice with Homemade Mango Pickle
Yes, this was my dinner! A South Indian Vegetarian delicacy that has captured the hearts and taste buds of many. When I think about this dish, first thing that comes of mind is “simplicity at its best”. There is nothing special about this dish yet the taste of this curd rice will linger on forever. Curd rice along with spicy mango pickle, has been a comfort food for most of the South Indians!

Day 45 – Kale Chickpea Soup and Rosemary Potato Chicken

Day 45 - Kale Chickpea Soup and Rosemary Potato Chicken

I had a great Monday and to my surprise today I wasn’t hit by the so called Monday blues. I still can’t figure out how did I beat the blues. Wish I could be cheerful and energetic on all Mondays. I made quite a healthy dinner tonight: Kale chickpea soup and Rosemary Potato Chicken. The chicken was so aromatic, it opened up my senses.

Day 44 – Spicy Shrimp Roast, Cauli Rice and Roasted Eggplant

Day 44 - Spicy Shrimp Roast, Cauli Rice and Roasted Eggplant

I am dead tired and I just want to go inside the comforter and sleep like there is no tomorrow. Today has been a long day for me. I had spent a lot of time in my kitchen making a coconut cake and for dinner I made spicy shrimp roast, cauli rice and roasted eggplant. Wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s day!

Day 43 – Tomato chicken and Pita Bread

Day 43 - Tomato chicken and Pita Bread

I do all my grocery and other shopping mostly on Saturdays. My shopping marathon starts from noon till all the shop shutters go down and when the mall gets completely deserted. I always hit home pretty late after the mega shopping which is followed by stacking up the produce into the refrigerator and other things in my pantry. After everything gets its place, I will start my cooking if I haven’t had anything from outside. Tonight, my stomach was pretty full with all the snacks I had in the evening and felt like skiping the dinner. But for the sake of my husband, I made a quick Tomato Chicken and had it with Pita Bread.

Day 42 – Lentil Beef Soup and Bird’s Nest Beef Cutlet

Day 42 - Lentil Beef Soup and Bird's Nest Beef Cutlet

Gosh! I cannot believe a week got over, it was so fast. For some reason these days I feel like days are flying in jet speed or should I say at the speed of light. Today has been a pretty good day for me and came home with a huge smile on my face. I instantly entered my kitchen to whip up some real dinner. Ground beef was my victim and made two dishes out of it: Lentil Beef Soup and Bird’s Nest Beef Cutlet ( I coated the cutlet with vermicelli which gave the fried cutlets the bird’s nest look and it was very crunchy).

Day 41 – Thai Chicken Salad

Day 41 - Thai Chicken Salad

A refreshing Thai chicken salad was my dinner. I made this salad by combining fresh veggies and chicken (cooked in soy sauce, rice vinegar and ginger-garlic paste) and generously drizzled with spicy homemade Thai dressing. I love to play with simple ingredients which can impart an incredible flavor and aroma to my dishes.

Day 40 – Mussel Roast and Wheat Crepes

Day 40 - Mussel Roast and Wheat Crepes

I cannot get enough of shell fish! My intense love for mussel started right from the moment I had a bite of it, that must have been many many years ago and I am still a die hard fan of it. I was so excited to make tonight’s dinner as Mussel roast was on my menu and it was served with Wheat Crepes. For a spicy kick I also had homemade mango pickle that I had made last night.

Day 39 – Cauliflower and Fenugreek leaves Korma with Tortilla

Day 39 - Cauliflower and Fenugreek leaves Korma with Tortilla

Last night while looking at my Dinner365 website and the dinner pictures that I had posted so far, I realized one thing that I haven’t cooked much veggie dishes for my dinner in a while. And it’s high time I break my non-veg obsession and whatever it may be. It’s not that I don’t like to cook veggie dishes, it’s just I find it easier to cook with meat. So, tonight I made up my mind to cook a veggie dish and made a korma with cauliflower and fenugreek leaves. I used yogurt and tomato paste to make the sauce for the korma. I loved this dish and will blog about the recipe on Cooking with Thas soon.

Day 38 – Meat Loaf and Fusilli

Day 38 - Meat Loaf and Vegetable Fusilli

Meat Loaf from my Hubby’s corner! It’s big time my husband learnt to cook something new besides meat loaf and mashed potatoes, sigh!

Day 37 – SuperBowl Dinner @ Boston Pizza

Day 37 - SuperBowl Dinner

Before you start to  scream WoW thinking I fixed this delightful dinner, let me make it clear that these weren’t my culinary efforts. As it was Superbowl night we decided to dine out and to watch the game along with a huge crowd. We rooted for the Steelers and was quite disappointed to see them lose to the packers. However, it was a good game and the best part was at the end of the game our stomachs were fully satisfied and happy. Oh that sticky toffee pudding loaded with caramel sauce made me dizzy and I am still in that hangover.

Our Dinner menu: Chicken noodle soup, Chicken wings ( mild and hot), BBQ Chicken Pizza and Sticky Toffee Pudding.

Day 36 – Baked Fennel Red Snapper

Day 36 - Baked Fennel Red Snapper

Lazy Saturday! When the snow came down real heavy and spoiled our evening getaway we got even more lazier. When it came to make dinner I couldn’t think of anything but baking and so baked my favorite Red snapper fish along with fennel and Orange. It was a very mild flavored dish, next time if I make this dish I’ll make it little more spicy. For me, I prefer my fish spicy.

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